Saturday, September 22

10 Asian Horror Films that Feature LGBT Characters or Themes

The horror genre is where moviemakers will attempt to make you squirm in your seat. Although most people would assume this means seeing some type of ghost, monster or other non-living or non-human life form, the movie does not really have to. By Wikipedia’s definition, it could be anything that evokes the viewer’s fear. This means it could be anything that is considered out of the ordinary or what is considered mainstream.

Saturday, September 8

Unborn but Unforgotten Review

A haunted website kills women within 15 days of viewing it. It is up to a video journalist and a cyberspace crime detective to find out why before it kills more women.

Saturday, June 23

Asian Horror Comics

I was trying to do some research on comic books, manga or graphic novels about Asian horror. My initial impression was that the two-dimensional graphics on a typical comic book would not be able to do justice on what makes Asian horror movies fascinating and scary to watch. Try these selections and decide for yourself whether such literature can be considered as scary as Asian horror films.