Wednesday, May 18

Asian Horror Movie Database now open

Let us get things started...again.

The Asian Horror Movie Database is now up and running with about 200 movies on the list. It might still take a while before I can get all of the movie links up so please be patient.

Take note that these are not my movies. All the credit still goes to the original uploaders of the movies.

Watch the links while you can. Some movies, especially decent English-subbed ones, are hard to find. Once the links are taken down, you might not see the movie again for a very long time, if ever.

Let me know what works for you guys. If you have any suggestions on Asian horror movies that you would like to see on the list or if the links aren't working, leave a comment at the bottom of the page or send an email using the Contact widget on the right. Again, donations for the upkeep of this site are greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, May 17

My Ex 2009 (Thailand)

My Ex

Popular movie actor Ken likes dating women, often having several relationships at the same time. When his girlfriends start dying off one after the other, he wonders who perpetrator could be and what the person's motives are. Is it a scorned lover, a fan or member of the media? Does the killer want him dead as well? 

Read our reviews or click on any of the links below to start watching the movie online.

Saturday, September 22

10 Asian Horror Films that Feature LGBT Characters or Themes

The horror genre is where moviemakers will attempt to make you squirm in your seat. Although most people would assume this means seeing some type of ghost, monster or other non-living or non-human life form, the movie does not really have to. By Wikipedia’s definition, it could be anything that evokes the viewer’s fear. This means it could be anything that is considered out of the ordinary or what is considered mainstream.