Saturday, June 23

Asian Horror Comics

I was trying to do some research on comic books, manga or graphic novels about Asian horror. My initial impression was that the two-dimensional graphics on a typical comic book would not be able to do justice on what makes Asian horror movies fascinating and scary to watch. Try these selections and decide for yourself whether such literature can be considered as scary as Asian horror films.

This particular web comic is Mervin Malonzo’s masterpiece, an artist hailing from the Philippines. It tells the story of the origins of the first aswang and its evolution from the Spanish period to more modern times. The artwork is both gruesome yet amazingly detailed. It has a free online version written in Tagalog although you can still get a gist of the story without reading the descriptions.An English ebook version is also available for purchase thru Flipreads, Amazon or Apple iBookstore. The web comic should not be confused with the Filipino movie Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang.

This Japanese manga may give you enough reason to fear geeks. Death Note is a popular manga and anime about a high school student known as Light Yagami who finds a notebook that gives him the power to decide who dies, when the person dies and even detail the specifics of how the person meets his doom. It is not considered a horror type of literature as it does not feature any ghosts or goblins. There is a shinigami or death god involved although his role is more of an amused deity that does what he is told. What makes it unnerving is the ruthlessness of Light as he gains control of Japan and manages to hide his true identity for years. If the link does not work, a simple Google search will give you various other leads.

Released in 2011, this particular webtoon has become an Internet sensation and with ample reason. Try a search on Google, YouTube and other forums and you will find countless readers that have admitted to screaming like little girls after watching or reading this short webtoon. The story is said to be based on eyewitness reports of a woman who committed suicide after losing a custody battle over her child. As indicated on the website, viewer discretion is advised.  I discourage pregnant women and people with a heart problem from watching the Asian horror cartoon.


Anonymous said...

You are missing the one central form of manga that many of the japanese horror movies originated in, the guro manga...

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