Friday, February 11

Where to Find Asian Horror Movies and Flicks

For readers who are interested in watching online, there are a number of sites which do offer a selection of Asian horror movies. Here are some of these websites, some which I have personally tried and am currently a fan of. Keep in mind that watching Asian horror flicks online does require a decent connection to the Internet. You wouldn’t want the movie skipping the good parts, right?

This is the Mecca for fans of Asian horror flicks. If you are not aware of this site, then you have missed a lot. It is a collection of all movies, documentaries and a handful of anime produced in Asia that falls under the horror/suspense genre. Watch the trailer that plays before the feature film to have an idea of their more popular flicks. Registration is not required to view any of the movies although the site would appreciate a donation to keep it going.

Finding Movies: The homepage features a list of the newest uploads as well as some recommended Asian horror flicks. Click on Movie List by Country to see their complete list of movies.

Subtitles: Movies that have been released recently tend to have awful translations. It takes time to translate to English. Expect to read some funny or awkward translations in such cases.

Players: Some movies feature a number of options of media players including DiVx, JWplayer and Flash players, giving viewers choices on which program to use.  

Ads: In most cases, expect some form of ad or popup to appear before accessing the actual film.

2.    Youtube
Has an extensive list of Asian horror movies, that is if you know what you are looking for. 

Finding Movies:Use the search bar to find movies. You may need to add the phrase "full movie" to limit your results.

Subtitles: The quality varies depending on the uploaded version.

Players: A flash player is required to view the movies on this site although there is no need to register to access the channels.

3. Veoh
Features a few Asian horror films but not a great deal. Registration is free but required to watch full flicks. Otherwise, the site limits the view to a few minutes.

Finding Movies: The layout of the site makes it more difficult to watch Asian horror films. You will need to specify the title in the search bar and hope one of its registered members has a copy.

Players: Adobe Flash, VeohTV

Subtitles: Have not encountered a bad subtitle yet.

Ads: Haven’t encountered any popups when I accessed the site.

Has a rather extensive collection of horror movies, not all from Asia. Some of the oldest non-Asian horror movies I found date as far back as the 1920s. Recommended for movie buffs that want a taste of everything. Users may suggest or post alternative links for the same movie. Some of the links allow users to watch for free while others require registration.

Finding Movies: Horror movies from Asia are mixed with movies from other countries. List includes a little over 1600 movies just under the horror category. Manually browsing through can be tedious. You might want to use the search bar instead to get quicker results.

Players: JWplayer, Adobe Flash and DivX. VeohTV may also be required for a handful of movies. Mozilla Firefox is also the recommended browser for using the site.

Subtitles: Have not checked all the links yet so I am unsure of the quality.

Ads: Yes. Number of ads and popups depend on the link being clicked.

5. Google It
If it doesn’t come up in any one of the previous sites, try manually searching for the movie and see what pops up.

Feel free to comment if you know any other sites where you can watch Asian horror flicks. features about 200 horror flicks with a handful of Asian horror films, both originals and remakes. The choices are limited and accessibility varies depending on which country you are viewing the videos from. Some of the Asian horror flicks I found listed include The Echo, Poison and 9 Mahine 9 Divas. The movie Ghost Month is an interesting movie as it is technically considered an American film but the topic centers on a well known Chinese tradition. It is not a remake although certain elements appear similar to the Singapore’s Asian horror film The Maid.

Subtitles: Have not checked all the links yet so I am unsure of the quality.

Player: Adobe Flash

Ads: None

The site offers an entirely different concept from that of the previously mentioned websites. Instead of uploading content and watching the uploaded video through a link, the site has channels and broadcasters. Think of it as watching television online with each broadcaster and channel as a different television station. The movies are featured in real time so you will need a decent Internet connection to enjoy the movies here. It is rare to find Asian horror flicks being streamed online although you can still get lucky or make a request to the broadcaster. Up until 2011, broadcaster sampaguita123 was well known for having a Weekend Horror Fest which exclusively featured Asian horror flicks. Other than that, you may need to befriend a few broadcasters to ask/request for Asian horror movies.

Subtitles: Quality varies depending on the version being streamed by the broadcaster

Player: Adobe Flash

Ads: A few banners and ads if you are using the free account.

8. Facebook
Fans need not go far to get their fix of Asian horror movies. If you have a Facebook account, check out Asian Horror Movies (Download Movies) by Penny. Their Facebook page has quite a good collection of movies, sans the ads. The page doesn’t upload full movies but links on where you can view or download them. This means you may get forwarded to a site which requires a separate registration (free). Movies here are categorized according to Albums of different countries. Just LIKE the page to gain full access of what the community has to offer.

Another account worth checking out is Asian and American Horror Reviews & Films. Here, you can request for links of movies that you want to watch. Just leave a message to Suzanne, another nice lady who seems to live and breathe for horror films. Be sure to check out past requests so that you do not unwittingly ask for a link that has already been posted before. Note: do not ask her to post a link for Twilight. That is not considered a horror film by any means.

Subtitles: Quality varies depending on the original uploaded video.

Players: In most cases, all you need is a flash or a DiVx player.

Ads: None


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