Friday, April 13

Body #19 Movie Review

Asian Horror Movie Synopsis
Chon is haunted by graphic dreams of a woman being butchered. All she tells him is her name, Dararai, and that he must come find her. The dreams become more violent that he begins hallucinating that he is being attacked by the deceased woman. After narrowly killing his sister P’Ae during one of his hallucinations, Chon seeks the help of Dr, Usa, a psychiatrist. Unsuccessful in finding an explanation for his vivid nightmares, Chon seeks out the answers on his own. He needs to do it quickly before Dararai seeks for more blood.

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Asian Horror Movie Review
This movie features some of the best CGI and special effects I have seen on an Asian horror movie so far. The length and timing of the effects are impeccable and makes for some really good shocks and scares. What makes it a truly great film for me is that it does not solely rely on the effects. It has a good storyline with an interesting twist at the end. The characters are well developed. I find that the actors chosen for the parts are also spot on as they made the characters and story believable. There are a few confusing segments but nothing that would wreck the experience. The background music is also a great touch as it sets the mood quite well. If you are looking for an Asian horror flick to sink your teeth into, this is one that should not be missed.

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