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My Ex Movie Review

Asian Horror Movie Synopsis
My Ex tells the story of a Ken, a movie star with a knack for dating several women in a short span of time. Ken promises each woman that she is the one and only true love in his life. The people who know his affairs starting dying one by one, including his past and current girlfriends. Will he be next?

Asian Horror Movie Review

*Warning: contains spoilers*

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”
Most people may have already seen at least one movie which has a storyline revolving around a guy cheating on his girlfriend. You can definitely add this movie to your list. This is the type of film that girls would want to show their boyfriends in case the latter gets any funny ideas.

*Includes spoilers*

The movie employs a lot more of sudden and quick flashes of scary images. There are a few good scares but if you have seen this technique too many times before, you may feel disappointed with the effects. In some cases, the inclusion of a ghostly figure seems too forced. At least two characters in the movie will comment about images looking too retouched. For people who are growing tired of seeing displaced body hair, unfortunately, you will still find instances of that here. There are also scenes which do not seem scientifically possible like doing an abortion on your own fetus. Yes, you heard it correctly and it is not by taking pills, mind you.

Albeit not entirely original, the flick does have an interesting twist at the ending.  You will need to press forward to about an hour into the film to get to the good parts.

For people that have never seen Asian horror movies before, My Ex is a good flick to try out. More seasoned viewers who need a bigger high should look elsewhere for their fix.

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