Saturday, September 8

Unborn but Forgotten Review

A haunted website kills women within 15 days of viewing it. It is up to a video journalist and a cyberspace crime detective to find out why before it kills more women.

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*Warning: Spoilers*

Basically, I did not enjoy watching this movie. The plot was way too simple and the characters did not seem believable. Some of the characters also exhibited conflicting aspects in their personalities. For instance, Detective Choi at one point indirectly states that he does not believe in spirits as there is no proof that they exist. However, at the beginning of the film, he does nothing to console Soo-jin and just lets her believe that it is a haunted website and that it will kill her in 15 days.

Soo-jin is not credible as a video journalist either. The moment Detective Choi tells her that all the women accessed the website before they died, she automatically assumes it is haunted and that she will die as well. There are a lot of scenes which just show her crying, feeling scared. She just appears so helpless throughout the film.

Revealing Ei-suk as the killer did not come as much of a surprise either. His reaction to seeing the apartment was a dead giveaway. I thought there would be more of a twist somewhere but there was not any.

The movie missed a lot of opportunities to scare the audience. You would see a few short moments showing the ghost’s leg and some blood dripping from the scene but it ends right there. There was nothing in the movie that would make you jump from your seat. One thing I did like was how the doll slowly opened its eyes. It was not totally scary but it was a good effect.

Another fatal flaw was that they would introduce elements that did not seem to connect with other parts of the film. For instance, the ending features the detective with a girl who asks him for a drink. LetMeScareU explains that the detective was actually the father of rampaging ghost's child. The anchorman just played the role as the murderer. It does somewhat explain why Yoo-shil would choose to use a website to haunt and kill women. I initially thought the detective had relationship with the girl in the purple dress. This would explain why he avoided answering Soo-jin's questions about the girl on his computer monitor. Then again, he did not flinch when the girl in the purple dress was being autopsied nor did detective react when he saw Yoo-shil’s painting at the apartment. Detective Choi must have been drinking really hard not to remember either of these women.

All in all, it was okay. It is not the worst Asian horror film I have seen thus far although the film made me scratch my head a few times.

Let me know what you guys think. If you have any suggestions of good Asian horror movies, just leave a comment below and I will try to feature it on a future post.


Real Queen of Horror said...

I will have to check this out. You know I love asian horrors. I will also let you know if I have that scratching my head moment.

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