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I Saw the Devil Movie Review

Asian Horror Movie Synopsis

Jooyeon is the daughter of an ex-cop who specialized in violent crimes. In an ironic twist, she is viciously attacked and murdered by a serial killer known as Kyung-chul, a man who is unable to feel any emotional pain, remorse or fear. Jooyeon’s fiancĂ©, Soo-hyeon, is out for revenge. He uses his skill as a secret service agent to hunt down Kyung-chul and make him pay for his crimes. But to what lengths will he make the killer suffer?

Asian Horror Movie Review

*Warning: includes spoilers*

The opening scene of this particular Asian horror movie is interesting. It starts up with a front view of the car casually driving along a street. There is light snow falling. You have a soothing mix of background music. Look up a bit and you see a pair of bluish white lights around the rear-view mirror which look like two menacing eyes. This particular scene continues for some time. You see what is going on by the road but you do not get to see the driver’s face. Combine all of these elements together and you get a calm but eerie scenario. The predator is looking for his next prey.

Slow panning or zooming with serene music playing in the background coupled with shots of graphic violence. You will see a lot of those on this film. What grabs your attention is that the two main characters are devoid of feeling, one since birth while the other borne out of a sense of duty. Both men can dish out and take in pain. It is crude violence artistically shot all the way to the end.

This is not a film that should be watched by people with a weak stomach. For those that do have a stomach for it, be prepared for some gut-wrenchingly good Asian horror.

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I Saw The Devil Review said...

I really liked what you had to say about in this Asian horror film having a "calm but eerie scenario". It's definitely one of the most recent examples of good horror from Asia. Check out another I Saw The Devil Review if you have the time. Thanks for posting this great review!