Friday, May 4

Merchandise Inspired by Sadako 3D

Sadako is alive and well 14 years after she first emerged out of a well in Japan. A number of Asian horror movie fans have even been graced by her presence at a recent baseball game where Sadako herself threw the first pitch. This is all part of the ongoing promotion for the upcoming Sadako 3D movie which is opening on May 12.

If that is not enough, Asian horror movie fans can now get their hands on a number of Sadako - inspired merchandise. These will be sold in various stores in Japan in time for the film’s opening. For most Asian horror movie fans around the world, you just simply have to wait for the items to appear on eBay. If you are lucky enough to be in Japan from mid July onwards, check out Sega’s version of the movie. The video game developer is planning to open a ride based on the newest Ring film on July 14.

 Hello Kitty Sadako

 Sgt. Frog is coming...


The Entrance to Sega's Ride of Horror

Sadako 3D Trailer


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